Suggestions for a Snappy Blog Subtitle/Slogan?

Please leave suggestions in the comments.  I would offer some of the ones Matt and I have considered, but research on brainstorming suggests that more unique ideas are generated if individuals try to come up with them independently before sharing them.


7 Responses to Suggestions for a Snappy Blog Subtitle/Slogan?

  1. joshmccabe says:

    Permutations: Because economists aren’t the only ones who do it with models.

  2. brubineau says:

    came here via orgtheory…

    Permutations: Where sociology and math convolve
    Permutations: log(y^socio)
    Permutations: because some nerds are social scientists

    good luck!

  3. Kieran says:

    Social life at the limit.

  4. Fr. says:

    A math about blogs.

  5. Michael Bishop says:

    Josh, hilarious, but I don’t think its gonna fly. I like Brian Rubineau’s first suggestion, and Kieran’s.

    Matt Brashears, suggested: “Where Math meets Soc.”

    Any more thoughts?

  6. Andrei Boutyline says:

    Messy problems are best solved with precision.

    Percolating social theory (a reference to the Alfréd Rényi line “a mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems.”)

    We’re probably going to build a model of this.

    (or, similarly– Disclaimer: whatever you write here will be modeled)

  7. jimi adams says:

    i like Andrei’s “Percolating Social Theory”. And laughed harder than i think i am ready to admit at Kieran’s.

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