My engagement with the blogging world (probably like most folks’) goes in cycles. Ironically i think that most often, the times i am absent from online discussions actually coincide with my least productive times in my research/writing, and vice-versa.* Similarly, my excitement about any particular blog (reading or writing) waxes and wanes as well. For a while now, the blog i have been most interested by, most likely to flip to when i get notification of a new post, and simply find to be my current favorite read is Gabriel Rossman‘s Code and Culture. i know that we have it linked over there in the blogroll, but i think that it is often something anyone reading this one would also be interested in. The main reason for this post was thus simply – just in case you aren’t already reading it – i wanted to take a moment to send you in that direction.

*Accordingly, yes, you would be correct to assume that i have knocked a few things out in the past week or so, coinciding my recent flurry of posts. Wohoo!


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