Sociology Rankings

I’m guessing most of you reading this have likely already stumbled onto this elsewhere, but just in case – Kieran Healy and Steve Vaisey thought they could put some of the infrastructure Matt Salganik has developed for his projects to use generating a new set of sociology rankings. Enjoy.


3 Responses to Sociology Rankings

  1. Michael Bishop says:

    I might as well repeat here, the comment I made over there

    Kieran, I love that you, Steve, and Matt are responding to the awful NRC rankings, and I love experimentation with new methods of data collection, but I do have a concern. It seems to me that this method will mostly capture prestige and size of the school. Now those are useful things to measure, but they aren’t the things I’m most excited to learn about departments. What do I want to learn?

    Which departments do a good job of supporting research? Which do a good job of supporting undergraduate/graduate teaching? Which are downright fun? Which ones have the least/most postmodernists/people studying the influence of genetics on social behavior?

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