Help / Discussion lists for R packages

May 17, 2011

If you want to learn a methodology, there may be an email list you should be on.  The two big network analysis packages in R  Statnet and igraph each have one (sign up: Statnet, igraph, Mixed Models).  If you join them, you can ask questions when you get stuck.  But you may end up learning even more from other people’s questions.  Jorge M Rocha stimulated Carter Butts to write a mini-essay on exponential random graph models which I received permission to repost.  Dave Hunter also adds some thoughts at the bottom.

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Assorted Links

May 10, 2011

Cosma Shalizi picks apart and draws deeper lessons from the narcissism in pop-music lyrics paper here.  I previously blogged it here and here.

Andrew Gelman discusses a paper by James Fowler, Nicholas Christakis, Bruno Frey, and Jan-Emmanuel De Neve.  Fowler responds in the comments.

Lots of debate over the predictive validity of the GRE over at OrgTheory.

Krugman on Useful Macroeconomic Models

May 1, 2011

Brad Delong reposts an essay by Paul Krugman, which I believe was written before the crisis.  In this short piece, Krugman attempts to summarize useful macroeconomic models and laments that they have fallen out of fashion.

If you are interested primarily in modeling outside of economics, this Krugman is more useful, but both are definitely worthwhile.