Assorted Links

Overcoming our Aversion to Acknowledging our Ignorance. See the reaction essays as well as the original piece by Dan Gardner and Philip Tetlock.

How to find a topic for an economics research essay by Frances Wooley.

Why Sociologists Should Study the Internet by Dan Hirschman

Grade inflation: why weren’t the instructors all giving A’s already?? by Andrew Gelman. See my old post on grade inflation here.

2 Responses to Assorted Links

  1. here’s a reason (ie, IRB creep from killjoy ninnies) for sociologists not to study the internet.

    i think i’m sticking to agent-based modeling for the rest of my career as it will be at least ten years before anybody says i need to get informed consent from the imaginary people who populate my simulations.

  2. Michael Bishop says:

    ha! yeah, i like to avoid IRB. i’m sure you saw as well.

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