More Links :)

I’m really busy right now, but I still have time to share some stellar links.  Check out it out:

Gabriel has a great post on cultural markets!

Philip Cohen makes good use of Google Correlate here and here.

Rense Corten on visualizing couchsurfing networks.

Josh Marshall on blog comments and anonymity.

Physicist, Tom Murphy writes and thinks clearly on energy.

2 Responses to More Links :)

  1. Rick says:

    I’m trying to find information about an article about an interesting concept I read some 20 years ago.
    Whereby a population could be plotted on a triangle, each corner representing social perpetrators, victims, and justice seekers.
    Everybody could be plotted within the triangle somewhere, depending on degrees of personality characteristics.
    Is there a name for this theory? Can you recommend further reading or links, or best… the name of the article (if you might have happened to read it, I think it was in a edition of Science in the early 90’s)
    I found it to be very fascinating, and ever more so relevant, given the ENRON and Bernie Madoff debacles of the previous decade,(not to mention this decade.)

    Best regards

    Rick Rodziewicz

    • that doesn’t sound like a theory so much as a style of graphing a theory. I don’t know what these graphs are called but i know John Levi Martin’s Social Structures uses them so you could check that to learn the name of the graph.

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