self promotion

Pardon me for a moment while i shamelessly plug a project that has consumed more of my time over the past three years than i thought was possible when it began. Our special issue of Social Networks on integrating social network and spatial analytic strategies is online (here‘s our intro). My understanding is it will be the first issue of 2012. I think it turned out really well; there’s work in there (12 articles in total) from some excellent researchers on a wide range of topics. And rather than a “culmination” i see this really as a beginning that serves also to point the way forward for future work trying to tackle this as a methodological question and/or for integrating these methods into a wider scope of substantive questions.

NB: With some of our funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we also were able to cover the cost of making the issue Open Access upon release (something Elsevier doesn’t do on it’s own), so for ~3 months anyway, share away. After that you’ll need institutional access to grab the full texts of the articles.


3 Responses to self promotion

  1. Michael Bishop says:

    Wow this looks fantastic jimi! I’ll try to comment some more when I’ve read some more.

  2. jimi adams says:

    Hmmm. The open access doesn’t appear to be in place at the moment. Perhaps that’ll only coincide with the actual release of the issue. I’ll update when I find out more details on that.

  3. jimi adams says:

    Not incredibly surprisingly to me, one of the articles has already been picked up by The Atlantic.

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