I need some help visualizing quite a bit of categorical information. Any assistance welcomed.


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  1. hey jimi, I really like mosaic plots. Do you have any more info on precisely the types of comparisons you’re hoping to make? How are the rows/observations sorted currently? Sorting them differently might make different comparisons pop more.

  2. chiGuy98 says:

    Here is one approach to coding mosaic plots: http://is-r.tumblr.com/post/33290921643/simple-marimekko-mosaic-plots

    And here is a paper devoted to an R package for something similar, by the name of “product plots:” http://vita.had.co.nz/papers/prodplots.html

  3. jimi adams says:

    Yeah, there are details, but it gets murky quickly if i try to summarize all that quickly. Sorting is one thing i’m definitely going to do, but as i mentioned on a recent comment on the original posting of this (i have to figure out how to sort between posts to 2 blogs) part of my big conundrum here is that i actually want to look at how this correspondence changes through time (i have about 8-10 time slices over which these will be presented).

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