Assorted Links

June 17, 2010

Sign up now so you can soon be asking and answering data analysis questions of all kinds. Its quick and easy. Based on StackOverflow, see R-Statistics Blog for more info.

Dan Hirschman, posting at Socializing Finance, links us to Mark Thoma’s thoughts on macrofoundations for microeconomics.

John Cook explains a neat link between probability and geometry.


Assorted Links

March 30, 2010

– Alice in Wonderland was a supposed to be a reductio ad absurdum of then current directions in mathematics.  I’m not aware of the consensus of mathematicians at the time, but mathematical history has paid little heed to Lewis Carroll’s arguments.

– My university may be home to the nerdiest graffiti ever.  Ironically, I learned about this particular example from Tyler Cowen.

Music based on planets’ orbits.  I find it quite pleasing.

Hayek and Habermas.


January 15, 2010

My engagement with the blogging world (probably like most folks’) goes in cycles. Ironically i think that most often, the times i am absent from online discussions actually coincide with my least productive times in my research/writing, and vice-versa.* Similarly, my excitement about any particular blog (reading or writing) waxes and wanes as well. For a while now, the blog i have been most interested by, most likely to flip to when i get notification of a new post, and simply find to be my current favorite read is Gabriel Rossman‘s Code and Culture. i know that we have it linked over there in the blogroll, but i think that it is often something anyone reading this one would also be interested in. The main reason for this post was thus simply – just in case you aren’t already reading it – i wanted to take a moment to send you in that direction.

*Accordingly, yes, you would be correct to assume that i have knocked a few things out in the past week or so, coinciding my recent flurry of posts. Wohoo!