Social Networks for Charity

August 22, 2012
So this isn’t totally irrelevant:
My brother, Matt Bishop, has started a social enterprise whose goal is to use social media, and social network analysis (aka “social analytics”) to help charitable groups raise money, and help businesses do their part as well.
iGiveMore is launching tomorrow.  They already offer some services, but they need our help to raise money (and publicity) so that every month that passes they have more to offer.
Check out their website, and then I hope you’ll consider donating, and emailing or posting a link to iGiveMore on facebook.

Math Soc Pre-ASA Conference, Thurs. Aug 16

August 14, 2012

As was announced on the website last spring:

The fifth Joint Japan-North America Mathematical Sociology Conference will be held on Thursday, August 16, 2012 in the Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado. The conference focuses on advancement of mathematical sociology worldwide and fosters friendship among those whose work is on mathematical sociology in all countries. Thus this is a wonderful opportunity to know cutting-edge topics in mathematical sociology and to meet people who share great enthusiasm for it.

To register, please download this form and follow the included instructions. If you have questions please e-mail Yoshimichi Sato.

Unfortunately I will miss most of it, but look forward to meeting people there towards the end of the day.